FIFA 17 Reviews

Alex Iwobi admitted very honored to be working with Arsene Wenger at Arsenal and he is ready to challenge his boss’s call to play the game FIFA 17.

Wenger recently celebrated 20 years of his career at the club and Iwobi claimed to be ready to hold a special celebration with a man 66 years old France and visit .


He wants to give the Professor game FIFA 17, which will be released in the UK tomorrow, but he did not know whether Wenger had never played before.

“I do not know if he had played it before,” said Iwobi on Newsbeat.

“I would be surprised if he’s been playing FIFA, but if it had been, it would be nice to talk about.”

“I would be happy to fight, of course. Even if we are already planning something to celebrate, we might still want to give him a surprise. I’m not a person who likes to throw a party, but I am ready to wear a special hat if I have to.”


What’s impotence (erectile dysfunction)?

What’s impotence (erectile dysfunction)?

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is when you can not get an erection optimally for sex. You may have erectile dysfunction if you are:

Erection can sometimes though not every time
An erection, but it did not last long enough for sex
Really can not erect

How common is impotence (erectile dysfunction)?

Erectile dysfunction affects men of all races and all parts of the world. Men usually have erectile dysfunction after their parents. For example, erectile dysfunction occurs in:

About 12 percent of men younger than 60 years
22 percent of men aged 60-69 years
30 percent of men aged 70 years and over

This can be overcome by reducing the risk factors. Please discuss with your doctor for more information.
Signs and symptoms
What are the signs and symptoms of impotence (erectile dysfunction)?


The main symptoms of impotence is the inability to have an erection or inability to maintain an erection until the sexual activity is over. If the cause is psychological, this may be due to anxiety, mood changes, depression, insomnia, and anxiety about sexual performance and visit .

If the cause is physical, medical disease symptoms usually include poor circulation in the legs, chest pain, shortness of breath during exercise (possibly heart disease). Diabetes is also often associated with erectile dysfunction.

Maybe there are some signs or symptoms that are not listed above. If you have concerns about symptoms, please consult your physician.
When should I see a doctor?

The family doctor is a good place to start when you have erection problems. See your doctor if:

You worry about your erection, or experience other sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction, such as premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation
You have diabetes, heart disease, or other health conditions that can be associated with erectile dysfunction
Do you have other symptoms along with erectile dysfunction


Suicide Squad Reviews

Suicide Squad, a movie adaptation of the comic filmed hasi DC, again rule “box office” The United States in the second week of screenings, according to the survey agency Exhibitor Relations reported.

Action film starring Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Margot Robbie is the story of a group of felons charged with a noble mission fraught with risk. Over the weekend two, Suicide Squad grossed 43.8 million dollars and you can watch on .

Despite the decline of revenue in its first weekend, which amounted to 133.7 million dollars, the film is still outperformed other recent films such as “Sausage Party” and “Pete’s Dragon”.


In Indonesia, Suicide Squad has been played since a few days ago. Some of you may have watched this movie, and the other half is not watching.

There are some unique facts that happens behind the scenes during the film is undergoing the process of filming. It may be that many of you who do not know. Here are some unique facts behind the scenes Suicide Squad was quoted as saying on the website

1. Jared Leto, who plays the Joker in the film, trying to look in total. To that end, he even conduct personal experiments to enhance his acting.

He issued laughter different in public in the New York and Toronto. Of all the types of laughter that he remove it, Leto choose the most makes people uncomfortable.

2. Most of the cast and film crew of his body tattooed with the words “SKWAD”. Some actors and actresses who wear these tattoos among others Margot Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn, and Will Smith, who plays Deadshot.


What Are Different from Metal Gear Rising?

Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear Solid are the two entities have merged. The existence of both dependent on each other. Metal Gear Solid developed into a one of the best franchises in the gaming industry thanks to the intervention of Kojima. As for Kojima, MGS become a means to channel ideas and his love of movies. After the MGS series closed in death Solid Snake in MGS 4, Kojima such as loss of direction for retaining the breath of this franchise. An extreme idea was born by positioning Raiden as the main character and make the hack and slash gameplay as the most important element. It became the forerunner to the introduction of Metal Gear Solid Rising!


However, over time, an ambitious project that began Kojima’s just stop. There was never any more information and updates from one of the most anticipated game of this gamer. Everything is like sinking into silence. Many people who start pessimistic that a Hideo Kojima will be able to finish this one game. This doubt was finally answered after Kojima introduced Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance at SVGA event. Unlike the previous game project, Kojima took the Platinum Games – best known as the developer of Bayonetta and Vanquish. Some changes are adaptive Rising was made to bring in a new direction. A reboot for games that have not even released and get  dragonballzdokkanbattleastuce

There are some significant changes between Rising introduced Kojima at E3 2010 ago with Rising developed by Platinum Games today. One of the most obvious is the choice of names. If in the past Rising still carries the name Metal Gear Solid in it, this time Rising present as a different game to include only the Metal Gear in it. This means that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is presented as a game that was born from the world of Metal Gear on the other hand, is different.

The main plot is presented also different. In the past, Hideo Kojima had declared that the game MGS Rising will be a bridge connecting the story between MGS 2 and MGS 4. It will be the answer and the reason why Raiden appears as immortal cyborg creature in MGS 4. In Revengeance, the plot was modified by Platinum Games. Shown as a mere spin-off game, will Revengeance takes place several years after the last event in MGS 4 in which Raiden remains the main character. Kojima asks gamers to not see it as a sequel.


Square Enix Hackers Attacked

Season hacker attacks against major companies in the gaming world was still continuing today. After several gaming companies, such as Sega, Codemasters, Valve and Sony in April which led to the Playstation Network was crippled for a month, now turn to Square Enix, RPG giant from Japan who were exposed to hacker attacks.


Servers were attacked hackers this time containing the Square Enix Members, free service to customers in Japan and the United States. It is not known which side attacked Square Enix and until now no one has claimed responsibility. As a result of such attacks, Square Enix suspend service members ranging from 12 December 2011 at 22:00 PT (Pacific Standard Time) and is expected to last for several days for investigating and security improvements and visit .

The official statement from Square Enix contains, “we conducted an investigation of the extent of the losses due to this attack to determine what data, if any, were stolen and will provide more information as soon as possible.” The statement also added, “Although some of the personal information has been accessed , we confirm that there is no possibility of data on stolen credit card members, because of the server does not store the data. “If the server was no data on credit cards, meaning what is targeted by hackers this time? It is still a mystery to the Square Enix to find the answer


The Last of Us: Survival-Horror from Naughty Dog

For gamers who diligently follow gaming news lately, is certainly quite familiar with the name of “The Last of Us”. This title is introduced as an exclusive game that will be presented for the Playstation 3 without details information at all. Through a variety of existing teaser, The Last of Us arouse the interest of gamers through a sense of mystery successful he presents. On the one hand it presents a strong impression of a zombie apocalypse, but on the other hand he carries a unique and different plots. After waiting quite a long time, through the arena SVGA, takbir mystery The Last of Us finally slowly open and visit .


Surprisingly, it turns out The Last of Us is developed by veteran developer – Naughty Dog Uncharted trilogy that shines through. Cold hands of developers that this is indeed the famous are able to produce a quality game that adrenaline and also comes with a plot that is admirable. Also not surprising if The Last of Us is present exclusively for Playstation 3. So what is offered by this one game? The trailer shown at SVGA give some idea.

It seems that the hypothesis that the fungus called Cordyceps as the main focus of the story is confirmed right through this trailer. In this latest trailer seen how a man and a woman named Ellie attempted child survived the attack humans who act no different from Zombie. They act like a cannibal monster who lives only for food and trying to prey on anyone who is still alive. In this trailer also seen how one of these monsters turned and showed the shape like mushrooms. This hypothesis is also increasingly evident through an easter eggs found in the last game Naughty Dog – Uncharted 3.

Not yet clear when the game will be released officially or what kind of gameplay that will be carried. Will be something interesting in case Naughty Dog decided to inject like Uncharted gameplay into this survival horror genre. No doubt, The Last of Us game deserves to be anticipated, not only by gamers Playstation 3, but also the gaming industry as a whole.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Coming on Xbox 360!

Good news for fans of fighting games series mainstay of Namco Bandai Games, Tekken, which only have a console Xbox 360. The latest game for the series spin-off from the main line of Tekken, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will certainly also present at the console of Microsoft!


Previously, the Namco Bandai Games has confirmed the presence of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the PlayStation 3 console since some time ago. At that time, the developer did not mention about the presence of those games on the console that became the main rival PlayStation 3 – Xbox 360. However, the amount of support and requests from fans that Namco Bandai Games helped bring the game on Xbox 360 apparently managed to melt their hearts and The Xbox 360 version was finally announced and get on .

In addition to bringing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Xbox 360, Namco Bandai Games has also promised to add some new features in the game. One is an online game mode that will be developed further. According to the plan, the console versions will be present at the end of the holiday season 2012.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was actually released in September 2011 in Japan. Unfortunately, the release of the game is specific only to the Namco System 369 arcade machines, arcade machines based PlayStation 3, which is designed specifically to welcome the presence of the game. Originally, Namco Bandai Games just mention that the PlayStation 3 console version of the game will follow as the year 2012. However, on further developments, Namco Bandai Games finally confirmed that the game will also present on the Xbox 360.


RAN Returns Period Open Beta Started

After passing through the Alpha Test and Close Beta is successful enough, RAN Returns will begin the Open Beta on December 18, 2011 at 10:10 pm. In this period, the RAN Returns gamers can use all the new features in this game. With the start of the Open Beta RAN Returns, VTC Online hopes to bring fresh air and treat longing Ran Online community in particular and the entire national online gamers in general and you can visit .


Simultaneously with the start of the Open Beta, RAN Returns also has an event not to be missed. One of the interesting to follow is the event “Best Student” starting from December 18th 2011 until January 18th, 2012 at 10:00 am. In this event, the three most powerful student (dengen highest level) will be selected from each campus RAN Returns and earn various prizes. The first winner of this event will be the opportunity for a romantic dinner with ambassadors RAN Returns Elly Tran, a beautiful model from Vietnam are known today! Here’s the complete prize to be gained champion Best Student:

First prize: Romantic dinner with Elly Tran, iPhone 3G 8GB, in-game item (Motor A), and Fashion 30D.
Second prize: RAZER Arctosa Black Keyboard, Mouse Razer Abyssus, in-game item (Motor B), and Fashion 30D.
Third: Headphone Sennheiser HD 202-II, Mousepad Sphex Team Dignitas, in-game item (Motor C), and Fashion 30D.

To find out more about the event information and rules, you can visit the official website. Well, now the question is whether you are ready to compete with other Ranners to be the best?


Skyrim Beat MW3 in England

Modern Warfare 3 sales success can not be denied the truth. Let’s say you see for yourself how MW3 dominate the top selling game in the US, UK, and Japan last week. However, it turned out to be deterred by the triumph of boom The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, the best action RPG this year, becoming the number one in the UK! How can?


Turns Skyrim running a business strategy that is so brilliant to occupy the throne of the British chart game. Bethesda as the manufacturer company last week announced a discount price of 13 pounds, or about US $ 20.28! So, the price of Skyrim changed from 35 pounds to 22 pounds! Nearly half the official price. The effect was immediate weeks in the same week. Sales of the game is immediately shot up by 145 percent and making it the best-selling game in the UK and visit on !

Modern Warfare 3 itself after the king since five weeks ago has now dropped to second place with sales declining by 7 percent and pursued by Just Dance 3 with a sales increase of 47 percent. Discount effects are also felt Uncharted 3 with the rising position in the gaming charts and back into the top 10.


Battle of Immortals: Event Double EXP and Facebook

Battle of Immortals is an exciting online game that originated from Infinitech Prodigy, the company also presents The Legend of 3 Kingdoms in Indonesia. If you are a fan of the game Battle of the Immortals, then December is guaranteed to be more fun thanks to the variety of events held Prodigy for you!

The first event is doubling the value of experience twice in Libra server. When you are in this server, be prepared to increase your playing time from December 13, 2011 after the weekly maintenance until December 20th, 2011 at 09:00 pm. So, do not waste this opportunity and immediately explore Motenia with friends and your guild and you can visit on !


The next event related to the number of “likes” on Facebook Battle of the Immortals. Since the release of that page, Facebook Battle of Immortals has collected 17,000 like. It is quite interesting to note, remember Battle of the Immortals only six months in Indonesia. Therefore, to commemorate the end of 2011, the previous event like Facebook recently started giving gifts to the gamer in 25,000 fans converted into 19,000 fans! The following detailed description of a variety of benefits that can be obtained gamer Battle of Immortals:

Reached 19,000 fans: Gamers will get 1.5x and 1.5x EXP Item Drop Rate at the time of the event that has been determined.
25,000 fans: Gamers will get 1.5x and 1.5x EXP Item Drop Rate at the time of the event that has been determined.
40,000 fans: Players will receive 2x EXP and 2x Item Drop Rate at the time of the event that has been determined.
50,000 fans: Players will receive 2x EXP, 2x Item Drop Rate, and purchase vouchers Zen bonus DigiCash with 10 percent at the time of a predetermined event.

So, more and more gamers who like Battle of the Immortals, then the sooner you get to enjoy these benefits. Enjoy the various events of the Battle of the Immortals!