Why is a free zone company setup the right thing to do?

Why is a free zone company setup the right thing to do

Free zones are essentially economic areas where goods and services can be traded, as a rule at particular tax and customs rates. They were originally turned out to help international business in the area by offering advantages, for example, 100% foreign company ownership. There are presently 45 free zones over the UAE where you can get the free zone license in Dubai and Sharjah. Here are few reasons as to why Ajman free zone business setup is so much in demand.  

Easy set up: The set up process in most free zones is incredible straightforward. The exact application process will rely upon your business action and picked free zone but as a rule you are simply needed to give some essential documentation, for example, passport copies and business paperwork. The entire procedure regularly takes simply up to 14 days. Many free zones additionally offer flexi-work area and virtual bundles permitting you to utilize the free zone address and offices on an ad-hoc basis.

Foreign ownership: Another major plus to setting up in a free zone is foreign company ownership. Most entrepreneurs from overseas wanting to set up in the UAE mainland must work with a local partner to work together and to get free zone license. This isn’t the situation in the UAE’s free zones – set your business up here and you will hold 100% proprietorship. All you have to do is just find the best business setup consultants in DMCC.

Support and assistance: Free zone authorities are available to offer help during set up and beyond. Most free zones offer help with applying for visas for the two investors and any applicable dependents, for example, spouse or domestic staff. Numerous additionally help with opening corporate financial balances, exhorting on the best bank to suit your necessities and even arranging meetings in-branch for you. In terms of ongoing business support, it isn’t unusual for the free zones to offer business advice and networking services benefits just as admittance to startup center points and development activities to enable new organizations to get fully operational.

Trade within the UAE: Free zone companies are not allowed to trade directly with the local market in the UAE, anyway this is effectively overcome. One option is to work with a locally appointed distributor who can place your products and services to market in return for a fee. Alternatively, it is possible to establish your free zone business and afterward open branch office of your free zone company throughout the Emirates at a later date.

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