Benefits of wearing an abaya

Abaya is a traditional dress of Muslim women. It is more like an overall that Muslim women wear all around the world. Because in their religion it is mandatory to cover their bodies so they wear this loose outfit to cover their bodies. It is traditionally black in colour and it is a free-flowing garment that is airy. Abaya looks iconic and represents religion and culture. Over a past few decades abaya has become a fashion statement as it comes in different colours, designs, fabrics, shapes and prints. But abaya should be not tight and above the ankles. Also, the abaya should not be of transparent fabric. Cotton fabric is mostly used for abayas as women of gulf countries wear abaya the most and the temperature is hot in these countries.

Here is a list of benefits of wearing an abaya or kaftan dress in Dubai bought from abaya online shopping in UAE:

  • It is very easy to wear in an abaya because you just have to slip it on. It is a loose garment it and air can easily circulate through it. You can wear it on the outfit you are already wearing and you don’t have to worry about the clothing you are wearing inside. After wearing an abaya you are good to go anywhere and you will be comfortable and at ease because it is very easy to carry an Abaya.
  • For the sake of fashion people wear body hugging clothes that are not very comfortable. Also, people wearing such dresses feel uncomfortable in a gathering. But in an Abaya, you can look both trendy and comfortable because it is a free-flowing garment. You can walk and set very easily in it. Muslim women living in gulf countries face a very hot climate so wearing an airy overall is a good idea.
  • Women who wear an Abaya feel very comfortable and confident. They feel very secure in this outfit because it covers their entire body and they don’t have to worry about men staring at their dresses. Also, an Abaya is a free-flowing dress so the clothes you are wearing underneath are not visible. Body shape is also not visible and women feel quite confident in it as they can walk freely.
  • Women who were Abaya represent their faith in Allah because they are following Islamic rules and regulations. Women are respected for wearing an Abaya because their entire body is covered according to the teachings of Islam.

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