Easy to cook healthy meals

Health is wealth and people should take care of their health very well because if they enjoy good health only then they will get their goals in the life and can grow their dream businesses too. There are many people who will get healthy delivery Dubai because they will not get the time to make their own food due to their responsibilities. There are many options which people can use to make their healthy meals Dubai within half an hour because people now do not have enough time to cook lengthy meals, they need easy recipes. If you are one of them then this article is for you in which you will get to know about some good and easy recipes to cook and enjoy. See this below:

Hummus: It is an amazing recipe which is very healthy in its nature and you can make it easily with a little effort. When you cook it carefully then you will get a very delicious taste and you can also serve it to your guests too. There are some basic ingredients needed in that which include Tahini sauce, few cloves of garlic, and a bowl full of chickpeas and add a little salt and lemon juice in to it. You have to add all of them in a blender and then make it a great recipe.

Vegetable soup: It is a very healthy dish which is a complete meal when you take it. In this recipe you will have to add different vegetables and then cook them in a good manner. You do not need to cook them fully but you can leave some crunch in the vegetables to make it more enjoyable. In this recipe you need to take all the vegetables which you have in your house or which you want to add in that soup. Clean them very carefully and then add them all in a big pot with some of the virgin olive oil in that. You need to sauté them for few minutes so that the rawness of these vegetables will be reduced. You can also add chicken in that but you need to first sauté those chicken pieces in olive oil in a separate pot. Mix vegetables and chicken together and then sauté them for few minutes after that you have to add stock and boil.

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