How to Increase Length of Your Hair

How to Increase Length of Your Hair

There was a time when women had a desire to keep hair long and healthy but now a days, you can also find men desiring for long hair. Women having long hair were just a thing made by the early society and as now the society is improving, it is no longer like that. Any person either male or female can have long or short hair or no hair at all. Men and women, both take the best gummy hair vitamins to make sure that they have the long and thick hair. They take different treatments and use different technology for growing hair fast.

There are different gummy multivitamins that are used for keeping a person fit and growing hair as well. if you have short hair and you have done so many treatments and none of them are helping you to grow a good length or some inches for that matter. Then we suggest that you keep reading to know how to increase length of your hair.

The first thing you can do is massage your scalp with hair oil that is meant for growing hair length. You can look for such oils online or ask the dermatologist. It can help you relax and since your scalp is relaxed, it increases the blood pressure in the head and that helps in stimulating hair growth or you can say hair length.

If you want to grow long hair with good hair health then it is suggested that you use egg. Not for eating but for applying. As disgusting as it sounds, you will be surprised to know that eggs are full of protein and if you beat an egg and apply on all the hair and scalp and leave it for some minutes and shampoo it – you will see visible change right there and then. If you are losing hair way too fast and if you take some sort of medicines then there is a full chance the hair loss is due to medication. You can consult with your dermatologist for it.

If you want to lose less hair, then avoid long and hot showers because the hot water weakens your hair and you can get hair breakage. So, wash your hair with lukewarm water.

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