IELTS conducts video call speaking test

IELTS conducts video call speaking test

Keeping in mind the current situation, IELTS has introduced a new feature. IELTS now has given their applicants a comfort of online or video call speaking test, in which the applicants now have an option where they can give their final and last test from the comfort of their homes. They have started this service from July 2020. This has created an increase in the accessibility of the speaking test. This new addition to the services provided by IELTS is also appreciated in IELTS Dubai. This new feature bears the exact same resemblance to the on-site speaking test conducted by the IELTS. The applicants are evaluated on the same grounds. 

Content, scoring, timing, level of difficulty, question format and security arrangements are exactly the same as the speaking test that is conducted on the official institutes of IELTS. This online speaking test id conducted by a certified IELTS speaking examiner. This feature also fulfills the requirement of being face to face with your examiner by providing such an interface like that of a video call. As of now, this test is not available in all the countries around the globe. It is only operational in a few countries. The countries where this feature and service is currently available include Albania, Egypt, Hong Kong, Malaysia, North Macedonia, Oman, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

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How to prepare for IELTS?

A lot of people have this question popping in their heads when they get admitted in IELTS, that how do we prepare ourselves for the IELTS test. Well the answer is very simple. IELTS has got you covered in this area as well. All of the applicants who have applied for any course offered by IELTS are provided with study material and other resources from where they can prepare themselves. One additional advantage that is given to the applicant is that all of these resources and study material are completely free of cost. So the applicants do not have to spend extra on these things.

Moreover, these additional things i.e. the study material and other resources are provided by the British Council, so they are authentic at the most. These things will get you all prepared for the IELTS test.

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