PVC flooring and its usefulness

PVC flooring abbreviated for Polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic plastic polymer, is just a synonym for ‘vinyl flooring’ and ‘LVT’ (luxury vinyl tiles). It combines the beauty of natural products like wood and stone with maximum creativity, durability and feasibility. Available in many styles and colors, PVC flooring comes in flexible and rigid variants. PVC flooring tiles used for floor finishes are made of a composite of PVC and fiber producing a very thin and reasonably hard tile. Flexible PVC Flooring is used in homes, offices, schools and hospitals.

The benefits of PVC flooring

Some of the common and most prominent benefits of PVC are:

  1. Low cost: Being inexpensive is the biggest benefit of PVC tiles. They are the most pocket-friendly flooring material as compared to other forms such as wood, marble, ceramic, etc. Even luxury polyvinyl flooring is affordable when compared to other materials. When it comes to style and durability, you wouldn’t regret choosing PVC tiles.
  1. Easy installation: This type of flooring installation does not require professional help; the installation cost of PVC tiles becomes low. The tiles are very light in weight and can be easily moved around. There exists various installation options like DIY experts can install these tiles by following the right instructions and seeking professional help will at least save some time. Create beautiful patterns by making use of the varieties in textures, patterns and designs printed on the tiles for a perfect aesthetic look.
  1. Small size: PVC tiles come in small sizes (150mm, 225mm and 305mm) making it possible to easily replace individual tiles if required. Hence, the replacement cost is also low.
  1. Ease of maintenance: No other type of flooring comes close to PVC when talking about ease of cleaning. Just a damp cloth or mop would help. These tiles come with various coatings, providing protection from stains, moisture and fading. Polyvinyl floors are instinctively resistant to scratches and dents contrary to hardwood flooring. Sweeping or vacuuming regularly would keep these floors clean and sparkling.
  1. Anti-static: There are variants of PVC flooring that are anti-static keeping you and your family safe from static energy. This makes it easier and safe to pass cables below the tiles without worrying about the static current passing from the floor.

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