Stats of the Self Storage Industry 2020

Storing and keeping up things have become the most difficult thing now. We as humans tend to buy things that are not needed at all. Since we as humans can build any kind of affection for anything either it is a living thing or a non-living thing. It is good that one can feel love and affection for things as well and if someone does not feel any kind of love and affection then there must be something wrong with that fellow. But also, when it comes to humans and living things, we have to let go of them and we cannot let go of the non living thing because we know that they are not alive and they are here forever. People have bought self store in Dubai and have bought different kinds of self storage facilities in Dubai.

If you are thinking about what kind of business you should start then we suggest that you started the business of storage facility and if you are wondering why we suggested than keep reading to see the stats and they will compel you to open this business;

  • Annual Income: you will be shocked to know that if you combined all the income of the storage facilities, it becomes 40 billion dollars on average.
  • Construction Spend: even though the construction of storage facility is easy but still the owners spend 5 billion dollars on average combined.
  • It will always be occupied: whenever you visit a storage facility, mostly the customer say that the storage facility is 92 percent occupied.
  • Total number of facilities: if we combined all the storage facilities, then the numbers show that there can be 61000 storage facility businesses.
  • You can rent this storage as a house as well: the stats showed that, in the countries where living in a storage unit is okay as long as it is out of the facility, the stats said that 9.5 percent of the whole storage units are used as houses.
  • Total area: storage facilities are big and huge spaces and if we combined all the storage facilities then on average, we get 1.709 billion square feet space occupied only by storage facility owners.
  • The most profitable business: this business is 52 percent more profitable as compared to the famous businesses like Starbucks, McDonald’s and many others like these.

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