What is car window tinting and how does it work?

Tinted Windows for cars is often a preferred feature when buying a new car. People are now more aware of the added benefits and the comfort that comes with tinted car windows. In fact, tinted windows are now being introduced to home and office interior design as well. The primary purpose of car window tinting was that there needed to be protected from the harmful UV rays that directly fall onto the interior of your car and damage your car. While window tinting in Dubai is more than just a trend, there is a genuine need for car window tints seeing as how these tints help in keeping the temperature of the car to a minimum and to keep the harmful UV rays of the sun out of the car, Which are both very important in Dubai‚Äôs hot and scorching climate.  Here are how window tints work and how they are installed:

How Window Tints Work:

Window tints are mainly made of clear polyester films, and then they are coated with a thin layer of tinting agents. These agents are composed of elements like metals and dyes. The metals and dyes work together to ensure that the tints work as per their designed function. The metals reflect the sun-light while the dyes absorb it. This reduces the overall amount of light that is incident from the sun. In fact, some of the tints will also block the glare of vehicle headlights at night time. The amount of visible light transference of the tints is regulated by the rules and regulations of the state.  The VLT on car window tints can be as low as 2.5% and as high as 90%. A clear window has 100% VLT, which means that the complete light can pass through.

How are tints installed?

For the best results with window tints installation, you must consult a professional of car tinting in Dubai. A professional will use an adhesive to secure your tint on to your car window. The first step to installing a car tint is to thoroughly clean the window. This is simply, so there is no dust or air bubble between the tint and the window. The professional will apply the tint on the inner side of your car, and it will take at least three days to dry.

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