Why is Dubai the best place to invest in residential property?

This was the optimistic message sent by the most senior real estate players at their Invest in Dubai announcement on Tuesday. Dubai should be the first city to be selected by the property developers and all stakeholders in the economy are trying to achieve this.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has initiated a year-long virtual initiative under the theme ‘Talking about prospects emanating from the Dubai real estate investment destination,’ through the Promotion and Real Estate Investment Management Business. A virtual initiative.

The campaign seeks to stress Dubai’s global immovable role. It also confirms Dubai’s view and ambitions as a world-leading town in various investment projects for real estate through an integrated, virtual platform that involves all those working in the area, including developers, investors, and brokers, and lets them interact with investors from all over the world.

The latest project follows through with the evolving immobilization market today, supports Dubai’s standard of life and its variety of cultures and citizenships, stresses the Dubai market and its attractiveness, and provides immobilized information and services to all investors.

“We are welcoming worldwide immobilizers to connect through this unique and useful virtual forum where new connections can be established and property investments are made to create an awesome global city that encourages us to step into the future and face all of our challenges, via our new initiative,” said Majida Ali Rashid, CEO, Promotion and Real Estate.

She reported that Dubai has proved to be one of the leading cities during the current pandemic.

It aims at achieving a range of important objectives, including encouraging immobilization investors to engage in the growth of their enterprises and coordinate access to distinguished, robust real estate resources.

The initiative will also play an important role in underlining the separate real estate investment ventures and confirming the Dubai real estate sector’s attractiveness. Dubai and countries around the world who want to start investing and investors who want to remain in Dubai will be interested in this project.

Atif Rahman, Director & Partner of Danube Properties, said in a webinar with leaders in the sector expert that today’s price and affordability in Dubai real estate are unlikely to be feasible for developers to use this golden opportunity shortly.

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