Tips on treating male infertility

Tips on treating male infertility

When you are planning for pregnancy then it is important to take care of both male and female health. But in most of cases, only women are considered as responsible and it is considered only their duty to take care of their health. But there are some habits that men should take care of themselves from male infertility. In the case of any irreversible problem, IVF pregnancy can be used as an alternate.

Quit smoking:

Smoking is quite common in males and normally they do not consider it cause of their infertility. However, it does not occur in all men but yes in most the cases it can occur. But the question arises that what does smoking do to our body? So the answer is: it reduces the quality of sperm, low sperm count and erectile dysfunction.

Control your weight:

Controlling weight is the most important thing if you want to spend quality life.  It gives rise to many diseases, male infertility is one of the major problem. Your body weight must be according to your height. If you have no idea about this then you can also take help from BMI which is known as body mass index.

Improve your nutrition:

Sperm quality is highly affected by quality of nutrition. You must eat healthy food and your diet must contain all food groups such as fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and dairy portions. The foods that decrease the quality of sperms are alcohol, caffeine, red meat and saturated fatty acids.

Prevention from STIs:

STIs are known as sexually transmitted diseases and usually these transfer due to unprotected sex. The symptoms of this diseases are:

Skin rashes

Discharge from penis

Itching, sores around the genitals.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are most commonly occurring sexually transmitted diseases. These diseases should be treated in earlier stages. If these are not treated then their complication may lead to both male and female infertility. Most of the time, STIs do not show symptoms so you must go for regular check up to prevent from this type of situation.

Maintain your body temperature:

Temperature matters a lot for production of sperm in male. High quality sperms are produced in optimum body temperature. So you should take care of your body from high temperature.

Reduce your level stress:

Stress affects our mental and body health. Similarly, it also affects sexual health. Severe and long term stress may lead to production of less number of sperms in males.

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