Various Types of Acne Scar Treatments

There are numerous acne scar treatments available to choose from.  The type of skin and the severity of the acne scars would determine the kind of treatment required. To consult a dermatologist would serve to be the best suitable option when looking for an acne scar treatment to undergo.

Read this article to know about the acne scar treatments that are currently available:

  • Collagen injection – Collagen is injected under the skin to fill soft, deep scars.  This is a temporary low-cost solution and does not work well for ice pick scars or keloids. This should only be used for very superficial type of scars.
  • Fat transfer – This acne scar treatment involves taking fat from some other part of your body and then injected beneath the skin to raise up the depressed acne scars on your face.
  • Dermabrasion – known to be one of the most effective acne scar treatments, it uses a high speed brush that alters the depth of the scars and removes surface scarring; however, it does not work well on deep ice pick scars or on a dark skinned individual. 
  • Microdermabrasion – A comparatively new acne scar treatment, microdermabrasion is a powerful exfoliating procedure that entails aluminum oxide crystals passing through a vacuum tube to remove some of the surface skin to make the scarring less noticeable.  Although pricey, it may not work on extremely deep scars and on individuals who still have live spots.
  • Laser Treatment – This treatment reshapes the scar tissues and diminishes the redness in the scarring.  It can make the scars almost invisible by removing some of the tissues as well.  Some redness may however last for several months after this acne scar treatment. 
  • Skin surgery – For severe ice pick scars, skin surgery can be done as an acne scar treatment by “punching” out the scar, using a punch tool, from the inside and using skin graphs to eliminate the scar ultimately.  It is one of the most effective, but an invasive procedure.

You may wonder if these treatments really work. The answer is yes, they do. However, they are more intensive, some of them being extra expensive and some that must be handled by an expert or you will have to bear extreme consequences.

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